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    anyone know of a phone that has the ability to connect to a laptop and hijack that phones internet connection,like I do with my treo 650 AND PDANET?


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    There are MANY phones that have this functionality. For starters, most bluetooth phone have this ability; namely Nokia, SonyErricson and Motorola phones. You'll want to check with the carrier to verify that a particular bluetooth phone has this ability. Also, most of the manufacturers that I mentioned above have tutorials on their respective websites explaining how to use Bluetooth DUN with a particular handset.
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    On many phones this can be done wired as know, with a usb cable.
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    I use pdanet wired as I want maximum bandwidth and find bluetooth to be finicky. My mom saw me using my treo/pdanet and wants to do that but doesn't want to buy a treo as it is expensive. Any suggestions as to a phone she could get?


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