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    Hi !
    I used the 1.20 APR/1.71 Stripped Rom Final by MFB.
    I've customized it with some programs:
    Docs to go (only the app itself, the rest of it is on the SD)
    Power Run
    Phone Technician
    Uninstall Manager
    Zlauncher + Skin
    Field Plus
    The Rom is stable and very fast but one thing is not working
    my palm is not able to display any kind of picture
    when i click on the media application it's just return to the launcher.
    I've tried hard reset, but it's still the same. the camera is working, but when i taking a shot it's doing nothing !!!!
    also, when i turn the phone on and off, nothing but white screen is appearing
    (where should be the welcome and goodbye screens.
    now, I've just added files to the custom rom, didn't remove anything.
    maybe i need to add some files to replace the missing files or somthing?
    any idea would be appreciated
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    well I think there is a jpg library you probably need. I would contact whoever made the rom. Also, the media app is crap.
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    Also, the media app is crap.[/QUOTE]

    Yeah i konw that, but it's the only way to show the caller picture when a call comes in.....
    when media not working this fueture doesn't work too....
    if that will work, i don't really care for media.....
    any clue on what lib i need?
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    anyone? MFB?

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