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    I haven't had so much problem with any type of phone ever. This is my second pocket pc phone and I never had problem with the other one I use to have back in 2002 (blackberry).

    Anyway, I think I bought my phone back in sep 19, 2005 and I have already made so many stops at the sprint store so many times that I almost had the front desk clerk chick phone after my back and forth going in and having conversations with her.

    But seriously, this is my forth time I am replacing my treo and quite frankly, I am tired of going in there 2twice every month for a new treo.

    The problem is the audio jack. That thing goes dead approximately every 2 weeks. I use my phone to listen to music at the gym and sometimes at work when there is nothing for me to do.

    On friday, I went to the sprint store and I told them if there is anyway I can get the treo with hardware B on it and they told me they cant, all they can do is give me whatever refurbished/cleaned up treo they can get me from the back or from the replacement factory.

    I even told them about this place that I saw people post up saying that hardware B treo dont have any jack problems but they refuse to give me that. The guy ended up saying "well since you have the replacement plan, you can come in as many time and replace it" what an *****.

    Anyway, can anyone help me. How can I get the hardware B treo? or stop this damn audio jack problem? its not my headphone because I bought this treo 2 ear pieces headphone from here and that is not causing the problem.

    Please someone help me and tell me how I can get the hardware B treo since the sprint store wont give it to me but rather see me making a 2 to 3 visit for a new phone every month
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    What type of audio adapter are you using?

    I think the problem here is not what the Treo is, it's what's being done to it. Somehow you are breaking it. May not be your fault as you are only doing "normal" things to it.
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    im not using any adapter.

    I am using this headphones
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    I also use the hybrid headphones so I don't have to bother with an adapter (they sound fine to me, but anyway...).

    I also bought my Treo from Sprint in late September (Telesales) and it already was a version "B" model. My phone also came with firmware 1.12 and the updated manual that includes BT DUN instructions.

    Was the first Treo 650 you received a model "B?" If so, perhaps "B" models are just as susceptible to the jack breaking. Do you have a source that states "B" models have better jacks? I know I am very careful about the jack, after reading about the issues here.

    BTW: There is a thread here about using the universal connector for an audio jack:

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    the myth re the differences bw hw A&B is just that. I have hw A and never had any problems with the headjack, others with hw B reported problems with the jack. I think it is operator error, it is highly unlikley to have four defective treos with the same problem, I think if you have such luck you should by a lottery ticket and split the winnings with me since I gave you the idea.
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