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    For those who have Nero 6, you can convert .WMV to .MP4.

    Use NeroVision Express 2, DVD-Video, Select the .WMV file, let it create a DVD menu, then Write to Hard Disk Folder (it creates the DVD .vob files).

    Then, use Convert DVD-Video to Nero Digital Disc, Import Title (Main Movie - Title 1), Change Nero Digital Settings to 2-pass / Portable (better quality than Handheld) Profile, Burn Options - Hard Disk Folder, Burn.

    I've converted 3 music videos this way, so far all appear to have converted fine without any sync problems. Using TCPMP to play.

    There are other parameters such as setting the sizes that I haven't played with yet.
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    wow - been looking for something to convert that clunky wmv BS. Thanks!
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    No problem - glad it helped someone. I was hoping to find a freebie direct conversion program; but couldn't find any. Luckily I already had Nero and just kept playing with it until I found the right steps.
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    Do yourself a favor and stick with Nero 6.xx

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    Good to know Insertion. I was thinking about doing the upgrade, but couldn't really tell what new features I would use for the money. Actually, I haven't used v6 for anything fancy until now.

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