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    I'm about to purchase a Treo 650 for verizon and am on a mac

    some?'s as follow as I know some of you have been on the boards for a while....

    -I want to be able to create, edit, view word, excel and other programs, would docs to go be my best choice?

    - I also would like to be able to sync my address book and i cal... I 've heard of missing sync

    Basically I want something that I can mess with all of this stuff, just like a mini computer and be able to transfer back onto my computer or onto th e phone , etc.

    Any suggestions on what programs i should be running and not running as well as anything else I might need for my intended usage...?

    I want to be able to play MP3 ring tones and view websites, etc.... email is def. going to be used too

    Thanks for all your help and I look forward to getting some awesome feedback

    enjoy the holidays

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    As you said:

    • Missing Sync
    • Documents To Go
    and what you're asking for will work nicely!

    I'm runing exactly this setup:
    - Treo
    - Missing Sync 5.03b6
    - Documents To Go 7.006
    - Mac OS X 10.4.3

    and everything works nicely.
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    Hi Travis, I agree with the earlier poster, your proposed set up should work well (very similar to my set up).

    Strongly recommend getting an SD Card (1 GB works well). You can move the Docs to Go apps to the SD card, freeing up a fair amount of RAM. You can also put your mp3s to the card to save RAM.

    For web browsing, you might take a look at Xiino. It's faster than the built-in browser (Blazer) and worth the registration fee.

    For email, I use Chatter on my Treo along with an imap account (Fusemail), for "push" email. If you go with Chatter, you'll want Verizon's unlimited data plan, which I think runs $45. (I had unlimited data on Verizon with my 600, but switched to Sprint for my 650 to get Sprint's $10 unlimited data plan.)

    You didn't ask about utilities specifically, but another app you may want to consider is VolumeCare. It has made my Treo much more usable as a speakerphone, not to mention making it easier for callers to hear me (I'm softspoken).

    Enjoy your Treo!
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    thanks for the input... sounds like theres some real good stuff out there i will get.... any other reccomendations?
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    I agree with using Missing Sync. I sync with iCal/Address book. Some quirks as far as calenders and addresses but only a minor inconvenience. I have a 1 gig SD as well and keep all my docs, mp3s, books, and movies on it. Mounting the SD card with Missing Sync makes file management on the SD a breeze. I have the same setup as BNOYHTUAWB and also use verizon.
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    Missing Sync 5 is a must, Docs to Go comes with the Treo (on the CD), but the included Docs to Go is unlikely to be the latest version (which is supposed to make nice with pdfs).

    Email really comes down to how specific your needs are. Personally I'm OK with Versamail (free with the Treo), but most folks here at TC hate it. There are many options out there to try.. make use of the free trial periods! Surf and just play around.
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    BTW just register and get the latest update for DTG 7 (to 7.006) and do not upgrade to the 8.001 version yet. Doing some research in their knowledge base and searching in this forum wil show that the 8.x version may still be bleeding edge and not yet ready for prime time.
    Apart from PDF I have anyway no clue what changes/updates are in there that will make it worth while.
    7.006 works nicely for me!
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    I use the Docs to Go that came with my T650 and have had no problems. I use MissingSync 5 also for my syncing with no problem there as well. For email, I like Chatter. I set it up to to get my personal email and my work email and use the Summary view to see all emails which are color-coded according to account. The "push" factor is so addictive and helpful I can't imagine not having it now.

    Definitely get a 1 Gig card. I have docs, apps, pictures(some of which from iPhoto ), and synced playlists from iTunes. I also use BackUp Buddy for backups.

    I'm using Cingular and get unlimited data for $20. The $45 for Verizon sounds rough. Oh well, I have 3 Verizon friends who all got T650s for Christmas. They don't seem to mind.

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    Missing Sync 5
    Docs to Go 8 (works great here)
    Chattermail (indispensable)
    Initiate (launcher, specially designed for Treo, like Launchbar on OSX)

    These are my essentials.

    Rgds, J
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    thanks everyone... i am planning on picking it up next week....whats the "push" email thing everyone refers to?


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    Quote Originally Posted by dirtalliance
    thanks everyone... i am planning on picking it up next week....whats the "push" email thing everyone refers to?


    It means that as soon as an email is sent to your account, it's "pushed" right to your Treo. There's no waiting for your email application to be turned on to see if there's any email. And, it all happens in the background so Chatter doesn't take over the Palm to check it. That was the biggest selling point for me.
    Apple iPhone 8GB
    Apple 15" Macbook Pro 2.33 Ghz C2D
    Retired Treo 650
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    ? for you guys.... picked up the treo... badass ( just need to learn the damn thing) haha

    would you reccomend loading the treo palm software or waiting for missing sync or do i need both or....?

    just trying to set this thing up right for the first time

    this is probably the most useful message board i've found to date (regarding phons and not) and i'm stoked to have some input from firsthand users...

    thanks and i can't wait to hear what everyone says as far as setting this up, tricks and tips, etc...

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