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    Has anyone seen this before, I get this message when I am in blazer and select a page, either through a link on an already loaded page or from my bookmarks, hitting OK and selecting the page again will get me to where i need to go. How do i fix this?
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    it is hard to believ that I am the only one with the problem
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    it happens every now and then with me. doesn't bug me though. btw do you know that you can change the font size in blazer?
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    making it smaller will give me a headache
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    so what is the cause? any solutions? this is annoying
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    I get it now and then also...Never made me annoyed enough to post anything about it. It may have something to do with server/client authentication when your dropping your connection to the site? Or maybe something to do with packet loss? Not sure if there is a packet sniffer for Palm devices...Anyone?
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    This has been happening to me with greater frequency and it's starting to get really annoying. Has any1 came across a solution?
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    Switch to Xiino...otherwise if it happens a lot I will disconnect the data connection and reconnect
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    I get it everytime a rogue app crashes my treo....something about when it resets and automatically turns the phone on....

    phone off then on fixes it....
    been playing with some new apps lately so resets are expected.....
    can i say ezftp isn't happy with the 650?
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    I didn't start getting it until I installed Web Pro on my t/650 last week. I can it get to act "right (temporarily)" if I clear the cache, otherwise it will try to start up a bookmark and at times, it will re-start my pda like a soft reset....weird! Blazer didn't have this problem, but it was slower than Web Pro.

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