I saw quite a few users who mentioned they use both Chatter and TealLock.

I have an issue (when both are running) and was wondering if anyone knows why it might happen (or if you have/had the same issue).

I have TealLock to lock on power-off (0min) and not to wake the device at all.
I noticed that everytime I manually power off the device, 5 seconds later the Treo will power back on (into a locked screen) and stay there idle for the whole timeout interval (2 minutes in my case).
This is very annoying. I used PalmInternals and saw that both VolumeCare, TealLock and Chatter are using the sleed triggers, so I went and disabled one at a time. Disabling Volumecare did not change anything but when I disabled (exit) Chatter the 5-seconds wake up stopped.
I started Chatter and the 5-seconds wakeup happens again.

What is Chatter doing 5 seconds after I power off my device?

Any idea(s)?