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    Hi everyone,

    I am interested in buying a BT headset once I purchase my 650 in the new year. I would like to find out what are considered the "best" BT headsets. I've seen a few reviews on this and other forums, but have a hard time knowing what parameters I should be considering. My questions are: what do you all look for in a good BT headset? and What are the top 10 BT headsets regardless of cost?


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    You can use the search feature for this, but I will save you time and make a summary of hours of reasearch I have put into the same topic. Here is what I found.

    Good headsets for Treo 650:
    Plantronics 510 (no static, good range, excellent volume, so so noise cancellation, ok-decent outgoing voice transmission, comfortable)

    Sony Ericsson HBH300 and Logitech Mobile Pro: Best headsets for outgoing voice transmission, excellent noise cancellation, however HBH 300 a bit low on volume, and Logitech will not win you any James Bond cool contests. Both are larger headsets.

    Sony Ericsson HBH 662: performs like the 300, but with a bit less quality outgoing voice transmission, and smaller. Has what many call a useless caller ID.

    There are others reported, but with mixed performance reviews...Treo Headset, Scala, etc. I ended up going with the PT510 for general use, but may pick up an HBH300 for office use.
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    I have used the Plantronics M3000 and M3500. A little big but I think have the best volume and clarity of the bunch mentioned above. The HBH 662 did not have good vlume on my end and I agree the caller ID was useless since it was on my ear anyway! ( sent it back for a refund ) Another nive thing about both Plantronics headsets is that the batteries are replaceable. This means when your BT headset will not charge anymore instead of replacing it you can swap out the battery. Also, and it does not state this correctly on Treocentral's description of the headsets, you do have redial functionality. You tap the talk button twice quickly and the last number called is dialed. Both of these are great headsets with the M3500 have some digital noise reduction tech. along with a car charger, AC charger and leather carrying case.
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    I've been browsing a number of treo sites and it looks like the most popular headsets are the Sony HBH models, Plantronic's Voyager 510, and Logitech's Mobile Freedom or Mobile Traveller.

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