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    Got my new T650, and I'm as happy as duck after a June bug. I installed PDAnet, and I am running my laptop(connected at 192 Kbps) through the T650. I usualy hook up through a LL at 26.4 Kbps. I live in the sticks and LL is all I got. I have a smoking connection now. Some of the best money I ever spent.
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    Glad to know that your Treo connects you to the world of internet
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    Beware that some some of the wireless carriers may get after you if you use too much bandwidth. Sprint technically prohibits this type of use, but turns a blind eye if the usage isn't too great. You might want to check these boards regarding your specific carrier and find out whether any others have learned hard lessons that you can avoid. Enjoy the Treo 650!
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    I am a Cingular customer with the Media Net unlimited package. I hope I am safe with that.
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    I am away from home with my laptop but its not picking up a signal. so I can't go online with my laptop. Can someone explain how I could use my 600 as a modem to go online in the laptop.
    I don't know if im doing it correctly but am I suppose to put my mobil # in the phone # box? also does this use my air time mins. or data?
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    <merged> PDAnet is from This software uses data.

    The other software Wireless modem from a little bit hard to use but I find that it works with AT&T dial up software. It uses minutes if you use the AT&T dial up. It can also work use your data plan but has some special quirks in configuration.
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    I am probably a little late on this post, but you can get PDANet for your 600. I connect with very little trouble using this software. I downloaded the free trial and made sure it was going to work, then I purchased the license for $34.00. I haven't got my bill yet. Hope I don't have a H?@$ of a bill.
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    By the way, I am using the USB cable that came with my 650 to connect to my laptop. I haven't mastered the Bluetooth yet.
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    I d/l pdanet for my 600 and the 13 trial period expired in 1 day. I received a reply from junefabrics and they said it was a bug problem but since the expired pop up screen came up it means its working.

    Anyway its this possible: Can I transfer the pdanet software to my PC by doing a hotsync? The problem is I don't have an internet connection in my PC so I can't d/l it directly from the website. Or could I burn it on a disc from my laptop then transfer it that way?
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    How did you download PDANet if you don't have internet connection on your PC? I must not be reading this right. Normally, you download PDAnet to your PC and install it on your PC and hotsync the other portion to your Treo. There are two components, one on your PC and the other on your Treo.
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    I d/l into my laptop because it had internet connection but it was real slow so thats why i needed pdanet. The thing is now I want it in my PC but the PC does not have any internet connection, so I just wanted to know if theres a way for me to transfer pdanet to my PC without d/l from there website.
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    If you are trying to copy the .exe PdaNet program from your laptop to your desktop, then you can simply use a USB storage device made by Lexar, Memorex, etc. Simply insert the USB drive into your laptop, copy and paste the PdaNet executable program to the USB drive, then insert the same drive into your desktop and copy and paste PdaNet onto your desktop. I've done this a number of times, and it works great.
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    Thanks!!! I got it to work!
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    need help again... I purchased the software..but now the annoying part is that my 600 keeps going into sleep mode after like a minute. Is there anyway that I can keep the 600 screen on at all times while Im connected..instead of me having to keep pressin on a key so it doesnt shut off!

    I know that there is a feature that will keep the screen on for like 3mins but then shut off automatically.

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