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    Has anybody found an office wireless headset that works with the Treo 650 (including pickup/hangup features)?

    Plantronics CS50

    I'm looking for something like the Plantronics CS50 headset for the Treo. I'm okay with it having a big base.

    My bluetooth headsets (Palm Treo Headset and Motorola HS850) have nowhere near the range that my office headset does (Plantronics CS50)...and in the office i like the use my cell phone sometimes.

    Thanks a bunch!
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    I too use the Plantronics CS50 at work and the range on that think is incredible, supposedly 300 feet, I have not taken it that far, only around 70 feet or so. God Bless.
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    exactly. i do the same. that's why i would love it with the treo!!

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