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    So I've been using GL for about six months on my VZ Treo 650 and absolutely loving it. I'm somewhat of a tech-*****, so GL has been a God-send for me compared to the software that came with the 650.

    Now the bad part - I've decided to take a new job with a new company, and while I *think* they support GL I am not sure. In any event I have a huge need to retain all of my contacts as I move forward, and I will not be able to synch them with a home computer, and I'm turning my laptop in to my current company on my last day (12/28).

    SO - any advice as to how I transfer the info that's in my GL contacts onto the old contact app that came with the Treo? I've scoured the web looking for the answer, but I'm not finding it. Anyone have a clue?

    Many thanks in advance...

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    Oil Can, you will have to install the Palm Hotsync software on your laptop and sync with Outlook to update the Native Palm Addressbook.

    That said as an Admin I would want to ensure you have no corporate data on your device so I would be sending it a kill command when you turn in your laptop, before Hotsynching outlook with the 650, I would first do a Hard Reset erasing GL from the device, thus rendering the kill command useless. That is assuming your IT actually care about this kind of thing.


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    isnork is right. If you have backed up GoodLink on your SD card, be sure and remove it before the hard reset. Delete all the GL files from your Treo, do the hard reset and DO NOT put the SD card back in if you have backed up. After the hard reset, hotsync with the laptop and move your contacts over.
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    As a backup plan I would also go into your work outlook program and backup the various outlook folders to PST files and email to your personall email address. You can then import these onto your home computer.
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    Thank you all for your responses. Much appreciated...

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