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    I use my Treo 650 T-MobileWeb ($5.99) using the web proxy. As is well-known, for some reason Blazer's optimized mode doesn't work at all with T-Mobile's proxy, with the result that web pages not designed for PDAs are basically unreadable.

    I read somewhere that Nokia has adopted Apple's Safari / KHTML rendering engine and is developing a terrific web browser for viewing normal-sized web pages on a puny PDA ... but it won't run on a Treo.

    Is there a good third-party web browser for a Treo that has an optimized view that will work well with T-Mobile Web's proxy?
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    I have Sprint (so not sure if this app would work with Cingular's web proxy), but Xiino may be an option. Although the user interface isn't as pretty as some apps, it's fast and user-friendly. An evaluation download is available, so perhaps worth taking a look.

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