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    I can't seem to download anything bigger than 400 KB, I get the following error message "There is not enough memory availible on your device. ..."

    I have 7MB free in RAM, and more on the card. Blazer cache is set to 1 MB. Anyone have an idea as to how to fix this problem?

    Other data programs like verichat and Pocket Tunes Deluxe seem to download fine...
    .Treo Pro on Sprint Check out, Audio jack fix.
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    Have you tried to clear your Blazer Cache?

    Blazer>Menu>Options>Preferences>Advanced>clear cache.

    Also, if not checked, try keeping the "Clear Cache on exit" box checked.

    If this clear cache does not work, try a soft reset to clear the cache -- I think I remember reading that on TC somewhere.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Tried all that!!! Soft reset finally fixed the problem. Cache back up to 2 MB and working fine. Thanks for the help!
    .Treo Pro on Sprint Check out, Audio jack fix.
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