Looks like Palm, Inc. has made another aquisition... I just got this in my email. I like the idea of web-based PIM, especially the idea of sharing joint calendars with co-workers and spouse. This makes it one step closer. Any thoughts??

December 20, 2000

Dear Charles

WeSync is very pleased to announce today that we have agreed to be acquired
by Palm, Inc. While there will be no immediate changes to the WeSync
service, over time this move will benefit our users as we integrate our
solution with Palm's vision of delivering personal information and web-based
content and access to handheld devices through its new MyPalm portal.

You can read more details about the acquisition and Palm's plans by reading
the press release. Be assured that we will take every step to make thisa
seamless transition for our users, and will immediately notify you ofany
changes to our services.

Whether you're a new or a long-time user, we're glad you've found WeSync a
valuable service. We are very excited about both the opportunity tooffer
you powerful new features that better help you and your group share and
manage your important calendars and contact information, as well as the
announced and future capabilities of MyPalm(tm), the first website portal
specifically designed for handhelds.

Happy holidays!

-- The WeSync Team

P.S. Check out our new look and demo at http://www.wesync.com. If you have any
questions about this announcement, please contact us at info@wesync.com.