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    I just got the BT-338 with Tom Tom Nav. 5 and I set everything and put in my home address and it is saying I live 2 blocks down the street from where I acutally live (210 yards away). Has anyone had this problem? Do you know how to fix it?


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    Is this just a problem with your home address? Does it properly identify your location if you go somewhere else? When you say you "put in your home address" do you mean that TomTom directs you to a location that's 210 yards away?
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    Yes it does it for several addresses that I put in. I put in another house number that is on the corner of 2 streets and it shows the house being a block away on two different streets.

    For example, 14 perkins ave. is on the corner on Perkins and Lincoln. Tom Tom shows it on the corner of Perkins and Quincy (which is one block away).

    When I am driving it gives accurate directions when it says turn the turn is right there, but when it comes to house numbers it is all messed up. The house numbers are on the right street but they are just about 1 block away from the actual location.
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    It's very likely Tel Atlas's fault. TomTom is just using their database.
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    Try Seidio Blue tooth receiver RBT-2010. It has a very good review and $ 30 cheaper than BT-338. (much better than BT-338)
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    I have the mkII unit that came with Tomtom, but I too noticed some weirdness when I'm just walking arround on the sidewalk, and when driving it's perfect. I am a noob with gps, but I wonder if the satelite is so precise that it gets thrown when your not in the middle of a known road, but rather on the sidewalk? Sometimes I'll zigzag bak across the street, walking aginst traffic and that throws it too, understandably, since I didn't bother setting it to a walking route.

    Anyway, like I said, it's awsome inthe car and that's why I got it. Very pleased.
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    Regarding your address being misplotted by a few hundred yards. The same thing happens with mine in my 14 year old subdivision. However, I noticed this using mapquest and other online mapping programs.

    for what its worth....


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