I've been unable to solve a problem getting my BT-500 to work with my Treo 650. The pairing process works without a hitch but when I try to connect to the Treo by pressing the answer/end button the headset the Treo acts like it's trying to connect (the Bluetooth icon at the top of the screen shows an outline around it) but then stops trying after a few moments. There are no error messages or sounds from either device.

I've tried upgrading the software on the phone to v1.17-CNG, doing a hard reset on the phone, doing a soft reset on the phone, turning the phone off and on, turning the headset off and on, etc. Nothing seems to help. I had this same problem with a Sony HBH-300 headset and ended up returning it but my Motorola HS-810 works fine.

Does anyone have any suggestions?