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    I have no idea what I did, but I was just dialing my dad and it gave me a message that my phone was off and asked if I wanted to turn it on. Of course I did. But the thing is...once I hung up with my dad for some reason I decided to check my data connection. It defaulted back to VZW's national access where I want to use dialup. That worries me. Because I don't have a data plan, if my data connection defaults back to the "national access", it could end up costing big time.

    Well, any idea how these two things occurred (the phone turning off and the data access being activated)? And I haven't had a reset in a couple of days, so that couldn't of done it.
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    If it was GSM, I'd suspect loose SIM, but ....

    Do you still have all your other settings? Maybe they got corrupted ... restore from backup?
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    It's CDMA. Not sure if it was something corrupted or if I fatfingered a button.
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    I doubt you fat fingered it, unless your finger was so heavy you couldn't lift it off the On/Off/End button after a few seconds

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