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    I have to do a hard reset on my 650 and reinstall all my apps from scratch - not from the backup. When I install SplashID, what do I have to do to get the data brought in? Is there another file that will need to be included in the HotSync so I don't have to re-input all my data? Also, once I do a hard reset, clear everything out except for defaut Treo apps, what do I do to get my contacts brought in as well?

    Then once I reinstall everything fresh, do I just HotSync and my Treo will then overwrite the desktop to clear out those file?

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    In your Palm/Hotsync ID/Backup directory on your PC there should be a file named SplashIDDB2-SpID.pdb, I'm pretty sure that's the database where your records exist

    For contacts, set the conduit so that desktop overwrites handheld and they should be restored from the Palm/Hotsync ID/Contacts folder assuming you use the Palm desktop, otherwise they might be stored elsewhere.

    Once done and everything's the way you like it, you could set the conduit settings to Handheld overwrites desktop.
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