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    no idea why. Every morning the treo resets at 7:00am and goes about its business.

    I have chatter set to automatically turn at at 7:30am and begin pushing email, but other than that, I am stumped. I use express, which updates every morning at 8:00am. Other than that, I have no other programs I could see really causing the problem (vindigo, directory asst, butler, audible,flt status, ptunes, splashmoney, tcmpcp)

    any ideas?
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    Try turning both Chatter and Express off one morning. If it stops, it may be related to them. If it still happens, then we need to look elsewhere. There have been other similar threads. . .this is one:

    See if there is any help in the above thread.

    Disable network time is my only other thought.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Run PalmInternals or Alarms.prc (search for it here). They will show you the next timed event that the OS is expecting. Maybe some application is setting something up at that time.

    What if you turn off the Radio part of the phone. Does it still reset? Does it initiate a new data connection then before resetting?
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    Audible with AudibleAir, or just the audible player... the alarms idea from aprasad is great and I would bet that it might be the culprit.
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