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    Hello all, I purchased a TREO 650 Unlocked from ebay. I got a cingular branded but unlocked phone. My Firmware number now is 01.28 and my Software number is Treo650-1.13-ROW, Hardware A. I coincidentally use Cingular for service. DUN is activated and works. I am having issues with the Jabra 250 headset maintaining a connection with the phone. I looked on the Palm update site to consider upgrading the firmware for better bluetooth support.

    This is what I'm reading on the site under the Cingular catagory:

    System requirements

    Cingular Wireless Treo 650 smartphone (including former AT&T Wireless accounts). Not compatible with smartphones purchased as Unlocked GSM, even if you are using Cingular Wireless service. The end of the Software string (see above) needs to be CNA, CNB or CNG.

    If you contacted Cingular Wireless to unlock your smartphone (subsidy unlock), you can use this updater. The current lock state is not affected by the updater.

    The first obvious thing is my phone Software ends in ROW. I don't know how the person who sold me the phone unlocked it. So... I'm trying to figure out what's going to happen if I update? Will it re-lock my phone, will it not work at all? Will it explode and blow my face off......

    Cosidering I'm using a Jabra headset will I see any benefit at all? Thank you very much for any help, cya
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    Your phone is unlocked but also the firmware is not the original cingular one (but the unlocked release, or ROW). Think it as a unbranded phone....
    Therefore, you will not be able to use the official cingular update.
    But, you can
    - only update the firmware to the one in the official cingular update. See some thread here

    - update to 1.71 version of the firmware, which is not official (yet). There is a thread too about this topic...

    - update to whatever firmware you like, and update to version sw 1.20 (again, not official, but works great...)

    I personally upgraded to FW 1.71+SW 1.20 and run also a customized ROM. My T650 is like your a cingular treo, unlocked, with ROW software...

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