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    Greetings, all... Long time lurker, first time poster, and proud owner of a new 650 (since my local Sprint store finally ran out of replacements for 600s)

    My old email program, the stock program for the 600, did exactly what I wanted it to do using the POP retrieval... it would check the server, see if there was anything 'new', and download the new messages. Mind you, I DON'T MEAN unread; I mean 'new' since the last email check.

    Before we get started on IMAP vs. POP protocols, I am certain that I want to stay with POP....

    At any rate, the old mail program that came stock on the 600 would look and download anything and everything on the email server on the INITIAL setup of an account. After that, the second, and all subsequent, 'retrieves' would only get new messages from the last 'retrieval'. I could delete the email messages from my phone, and the 600 program seemed to know how NOT to download that message again when it retrieved mail from the server.

    I am certain that the 600 email program had the box checked 'get all messages'

    Now, here comes my problem...

    On my new 650, I set up the email account, hit 'Get', and was innundated with 1200 messages... that number seemed right for the email server, so no problem, right? Nope.

    I deleted the 1100 or so that I didn't need from the 650 and emptied out the trash... Did another 'Get' and, low and behold, VersaMail tried to retrieve the 1100 emails I just deleted seconds ago!

    Is this a Versa defect, or something I'm doing wrong? Any pointers?

    Thanks for the years of good reading... I did search the forums, and did not seem to find a good question addressing this issue.
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    Try going into Preferences in Versamail. Under the tag Delivery options you could choose to only download messages ie from the last 3 days. Maybe this could make it usable for you.

    By the way - do you leave messages 'on server' using the POP-protocol? Why?
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    I tried that, and it still warned me that 1150 messages were not downloaded because they were in excess of three days old.

    And, to answer your question... I leave messages on the server because I wind up checking them through multiple machines (Treo, web-based email, and Outlook Express), and can 'clear out the server' as space dictates through the web based email program. I'm assuming that an IMAP protocol cannot handle all of that; if I'm wrong, then let me know...

    BTW, the treo 600 program was a sprint native program, not a third-party application
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    Never used IMAP - but as far as I know POP is designed to 'download' mails to your machine, and deleting them on the server.

    I use Active Sync to an Exchange server now, but here is how I manage a POP -account I use:
    I set Outlook to leave messages on server in 10 day - then delete them. On my Treo I set DL only messages from the last 3 days, and leave messages on POPserver after DL to Treo.
    This fits my needs, and the messages are deleted at the server side by Outlook when they are no longer interesting to me.

    I think maybe the trick for you is:

    First - Choose to DL only "Message header" - or maybe as I do - DL 'Entire Message' - and limit DL to the ie. first 5kb of message. If you do this your email database would not occupy too much precious on your Treo.

    Than - leave Trash folder untouched (not choosing 'Empty Trash'). This will prevent Versamail from DL old messages which is already downloaded, and in fact it does not matter much on your Treo as you already have set the Treo to DL only the first 5kb (or so)...

    Plz post your results if you try this
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    I have a similar setup (and gripe) with Vesamail vs. the old T600 pop3 mail client (I use yahoo pop3).

    To get around this, I did the following:
    1. I have Outlook Express contain my "permanent" copy of my pop3 email.
    2. OE is set up to remove emails from the server older than 3 days.
    3. Versamail is set up to download all emails, and checks for emails every day / once per hour.
    4. Versamail is set up to auto purge deleted emails (Trash) older than a week.
    5. Manually, I purge my Versamail inbox for emails older than a week (or whatever I want at the time).

    This setup gets all of my mail to both clients, and keeps things cleaned up without a lot of user interaction.

    The downside is that I can't keep a lot of email "history" on the server...but since I have it locally, I don't need it on the server. The plus side is that Versamail's fetching is faster/more efficient.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tedrodgerscpa
    I'm assuming that an IMAP protocol cannot handle all of that; if I'm wrong, then let me know...
    hi. imap allows you to use multiple machines. in actuallity, it works far better for the purposes that you seem to want. i have both pop and imap, but i only have the pop accounts because i can't make them imap.

    in short, imap leaves messages on the email server; whereas pop downloads them from the server. of course, you can set your pop accounts to not delete upon downloading (which i do as well for the exact same reasons you do ((multiple machines)). what's cool about imap though is that you basically manage all your email with it remaining on the server. that way if on one machine you choose to delete some junk, it will not show up on any other machine. you view and manage all your email on each machine as you normally would, but you just don't have to repeat yourself on each machine. nor do you have to worry about your machine getting fubar'd and losing anything you didn't back up (cuz it's on the email server).

    make sense?

    now, i should point out that versamail does weird stuff with imap, just as it does with pop. as i have both types of email accounts on my treo 650, i can safely say that versamail sux in my opinion. i have not figured out what to do yet, but i am assuming i will need to find another email client for my treo.

    good luck.

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