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    The black tip at the end of the home/travel charger that plugs into the Treo came off my charger. It's the black piece that separates the three prongs. Is it safe to just put back on and plug into my Treo? I don't want to short it out or something.
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    I accidentally snagged my power cord the second day I had my Treo, same result. I very carefully removed the little black bit, superglued it, and very carefully put it back. Worked like a charm. Do not use the charger until you are confident that all the superglue is dry. Probably would affect the "wireless" features.
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    I use a Treo600 so I'm not sure if the tips are similar or not on the Treo650?

    The tip of my Treo600 USB/charger Y cable looks like below and the little black plastic separator broke off on one side 6 months ago.

    It works fine. However, I have to make sure the connector is seated properly and not just slightly ajar as it seems to want to be...

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