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    It seems that if I use the copy function to copy some text, it will reset.

    What's wrong?

    gsm 650
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    Try hard reset to clear things out and put the phone back to factory setting. Hope it helps out. Before hard reset, make sure you backup.
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    hmm...i hard resetted it, and restored....and it still does the same thing. Does this have anything to do with dbcache or whatever?

    The only things running in the background are LEDOFF, KEYSHADE, KEYCAPS, and VOLUMECARE...

    Thanks guys
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    same thing here. in a received text message.

    Sometimes (nearly all times i try) i copy texte to paste it in memo.

    but treo resets.

    I tried deleted the Messages_Database in palm rom and same file in backup on pc plus resync.

    Same thing.
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    did u install clippro or etc...? if so, try to uninstall or use resco lock to lock it in RAM

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