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    I recently received a Treo 650, and tested it with my DUN on my Windows XP box. Speed was fantastic. Since that time, I had to flash the firmware up to 01.28 (for compatibility with a car bluetooth device), and now my DUN is not working. I can get to the "dial" screen, but when I hit the "dial" button, the bluetooth connection goes active, the computer tries to dial, the bluetooth connection then dies, and I get an "Error 692".

    I have a feeling (just a feeling though) that this issue is due to the firmware uprade. Is there a place I can download previous versions of Treo 650 firmware, and "downgrade" to a previous one?

    This is an unlocked GSM phone, BTW. Thanks for any help you can provide!
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    I also had this problem arise when I flashed to the unofficial 1.31. I have the same suspisions but am currently awaiting the reportedly soon-to-be-released firmware/ROM upgrade.
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    BT DUN worked great for me using 1.28.
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