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    I'm changing jobs and moving my calendar and email from Lotus Notes (synced with mNotes) to Outlook.

    Has anyone done this, by any chance? My calendar, memo apps, and most important my contacts, have all been removed from Outlook (which is currently "empty") by syncing at various times and placed into Notes via mNotes. So my Outlook contacts are empty, and in the process of moving over, I'd like to make sure all the content of these apps ends up in Outlook.

    Any tips, gotchas, etc, that anyone's run into would be appreciated. I think I just have to disable mNotes syncing, then re-enable the Outlook syncs (once conflicts are no longer possible...) ... but I'm not quite sure the order in which to do these things....

    Thanks , Noel
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    I did something similar about 7-9 months ago and it was a big headache for a solid day. Unless you want to pay for a conversion tool (I could not find a free one) moving FROM lotus to outlook is tough. For mail I ended up setting up an IMAP connection and copied the mail over that way. For calendar items I was able to export them in a primitive format which with some tweaking worked in Outlook. The contacts I just could not get to come overeasy. I evenually wrote a quick macro (one like the old recorder proggy from Win3.1 days) which would export the vcf (single contact mind you) then imported it into outlook and would reset itself and loop. Have the computer do it like that took several hours for 450+ contacts. When it was all said and done it worked fairly well but was a pain. The rest of my work still uses Lotus (God help them) and I can work like a civilized human on Outlook. Don't even get me started on mNotes (you can find an old post from around Feb-Mar of this year when mNotes was in beta for the 650) where the install of mNotes actually corrupted my ROM....

    Good luck in your conversion. Using a good IMAP email like Snapper or cough Agendus is so much easier for email than mNotes in many ways.

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    Hey Noel, maybe answer is coming too late but take a look at DoubleLook from CompanionLink

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