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    Most of us have been bitten a reset bug of one kind or another over time, some more than others and the reasons are as varied as the software combinations we all seem to have on our PDA's.

    My question is, is there any advantage to periodically doing a soft reset, even when everything seems to be running fine?
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    Yes, as it will clear dbCache
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    With some versions of the Operating System (but not the latest one for Cingular phones), you could run out of a resource called DBCache or NVFS Cache. This was because the OS was not handling this correctly. Once this resource was used up, you could not run any programs, or the Treo crashed, sometimes resulting in loss of preference files that stores your registration codes.

    Doing a soft reset cleared this cache. Some even do this daily before backing up.

    Summary: A soft reset once in a while is a good idea for phones not running the latest Cingular firmware.
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    I use LookAtMe and mReset and since I started the automated reset during the night, I have not had a reset during the day since Oct. 17th.

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