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    I will be using GoodLink with my corporate PC but also want to keep my Outlook Calender, Tasks, etc synchronized with my home PC. Currently I'm using DateBook5 for this. Will this be possible?
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    GoodLink syncs with Exchange, not Outlook. I have not used DB5, but I am sure there are users here who have either used it or tried to. My gut tells me it won't since GL uses it's own datastore instead of the Palm native stores and DB probably uses the native ones.
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    I am willing to give up DB5, but what I'm wondering is if after I synchronize GL with my office PC can I then synchronize with Outlook on my home PC ?
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    Again, you need to remember, GL is not synchronizing with your PC. It is synchronizing with Exchange via the GL server. That being said, no, you won't be able to keep your home Outlook sync'd with GL.
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    Thanks, that answers my question.
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    What you can do is the following.

    Do a local hotsync hot your office PC (remember to set the conduit to "desktop overwrites handheld) this should transfer your office outlook items to your regular palm apps.

    now do a local hotsync at home.
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    I use DateBk5 and GL at the same time on my Treo 650. In the GL application, the GL calendar is synced to my work calendar, i.e. the Exchange calendar. DateBk5, on the other hand, synchronizes with the Palm Desktop calendar on my computer. Works fine.

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    I am not sure whether you want 2 sets of calendars or not. If you just want the same outlook at home that you have at the office, then you just need to install Outlook everywhere. I am assuming your "corporate PC" is running on an Exchange server. I have GL running on a 700W, but I also have 7 different PC's running Exchange-based Outlook, some at home, some at work. All data is identical and syncronized on all machines, including GL. Hope this helps.

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