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    Man an app that really works is needed. SplashPhoto allows you to mask pictures but only inside there program, if you use photo app that comes with phone you can still see the pictures, (what is point of that). Roscoe is same thing, tried to find the encryption option to no avail. The user manual said you could encrypt jpeg/jpg files, I never found option unless its not avail in trial version. Wish someone would make an app or point me in right direction
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    I'd like to know what pictures you want to hide.
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    Yes, I too would like to know more about those pics!
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    I know
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    Aren't there programs that will password protect certain applications on your phone? I think I remember seeing some and using those I guess you would have to password protect the camera, camcorder and media applications and anything else you have that shows pictures such as resco...
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    oh yeah, I also want to know more about the pictures!
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    I do this for some Word & Excel documents but the same would apply to pictures. I use mEncryptor software. If you put your pictures on your SD card you can encrypt the files then they are not viewable. I do this so if I lose my Treo or card at least they won't have all my info too.
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    now back to the real point of the thread...
    those pictures!

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