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    Every time I hot sync 4.1, Treo 600 sprint, palm desktop 4.1, win xp I get this in the log:

    -- Address Book
    - Some handheld records were not copied to your PC. Your computer may be full or you may have reached the maximum allowed records on the desktop. To correct this situation, delete some records and perform a HotSync operation again.
    Desktop = 355, Handheld = 312
    - Some PC records were not copied to the handheld. Your handheld may be full. To correct this situation, delete some records and perform a HotSync operation again.
    Desktop = 355, Handheld = 312
    Address Book synchronization failed
    OK To Do List
    OK Memo Pad

    Some contacts are not getting synced and I can't find any info on this in any knowledge base or search. Any ideas. I think the desktop limit on records is like 10,000+ and I think I was getting the same message when I had fewer luck so far on the palmone site, surely I can't be the only one! Help!
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    You may have had some data difference between your Treo and the palm desktop. This could either have happened when you have updated both from your Treo and your Desktop as well for the same set of records or simply the data on your Treo is out of sync from your Palm and sync could not match the records.

    What you probably need first is to backup your current Treo data base to another copy of the address book before you proceed any further. I usually use MS Outlook and I ran into this problem, I would sync to the palm desktop as backup.

    What I am about to describe below (for some of the steps) if you have the luxury of having MS Outlook installed, otherwise you would need to make a decision as to which information is more current or important, your Treo or your desktop. This is for the Treo 600 only.

    Please make sure your Pocket Mirror version is at least.

    1. On the Treo 600, there is an option on your desktop to change your sync to either MS Outlook or Palm Desktop. This is done via your Chapura Pocket Mirror Settings. Start > Programs > Pocket Mirror > Pocket Mirror Settings
    2. On the Pocket Mirror settings, click settings, select (or highlight) which application you need to change your settings, in this case its your contacts.
    3. When you double click that, a panel name Preference Settings for Outlook Contacts (your hotsync name). Since I sync to Outlook that's what it shows otherwise I think it would show Palm.
    4. On this panel, use the one time panel only, you can make a decision to either overlay Palm with your Desktop or the other way around. Check the correct box. There other options as I said, you could do backup but I am not sure if you are already using Palm Desktop, how the backup would work.

    You can choose the other applications to do a one time no sync to save time. Remember to only use the one time side of the panel.

    After you are done changing the settings, you should go back to the Pocket Mirror Settings and review your Permanent and One Time (Action on Next Sync) settings. Under the permanent column, it should all say Synchronize except for System and Install, they should be Handheld overwrites PC and Enabled respectively. The One Time (Action on Next Sync) should be either the same as your Permanent except for the ones you have changed to Do Nothing or PC overrides Handheld or Handheld overrides PC.

    Once you have verified your settings, hit Ok > Ok > Close. This closes Pocket Mirror.

    Connect your Treo and press the hotsync button.

    For more information, check Chapura site.

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