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    Back in the Hackmaster days, there was a hack to silence all alarm sounds when the Palm was in it's cradle.

    Do any of the various Treo utilities offer similar functionality for silencing the ringers when the Treo's plugged in?

    I often leave the Treo in a cradle while at my desk at work, and the ringers are loud enough to be pretty annoying to my co-workers when I'm not right there to answer calls. I know I can just flip the ringer switch, but an automatic solution would be nice.

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    profiles does it... search for it to download it. It sets various preferences based on time of day, plug in/out, etc...
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    Thanks Nonobeez, that app is great; does exactly what I was hoping for and more.

    It did crash/reset several times as I was trying to set it up, but I was eventually able to get everything working properly.

    Thanks again,

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