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    Successfully installed app on card using TT CD from my Mac Powerbook. When trying to synchronize to install my map (169mb) the sync just spins and spins. Never finishes (I bailed after 5.5 hours today).

    What am I doing wrong?


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    FYI, it took over an hour for me to load NY,NJ and CT which was a total of 36MB. You may just not have been finished loading due to the size.
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    I'm not sure if the Mac works the same, but, if you have the option to install to other location and choose a location on your computer and then copy the map files to the SD card via a reader, it will go a lost smoother and faster.

    Again, I'm not familiar with how TomTom installation works on the Mac.
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    It turns out that the solution was a combination of sluething and conventional wisdom. I bought a card reader and atttempted to install the map directly. The installer wouldn't do it saying there wasn't enough space. Card only listed around 30mb of stuff on it (256mb card). On a hunch I emptied the trash. Bingo, plenty of space.

    Turns out that the installer put the unfinished (124mb) map install in the trash when I bailed on the first install, but did not empty the trash.

    Thanks for your comments and help.

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