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    I know there's lots of writings about PdaNet on this site, but this question is very specific.

    Is it necessary to first have a Hotsynch name installed on your laptop in order for PdaNet to be installed to the laptop?

    I just bought a new Sony TX 670 laptop, and tried installing a registered copy of PdaNet to it. An error message came up saying I need to first have a Hotsynch user name installed to the laptop. WTF??

    Anyway, I found the original Palm Desktop CD for the Treo 650, and installed the whole Palm Desktop application to the laptop, and entered my Hotsynch name, which matched the same name I gave when registering the PdaNet program.

    After doing this, I was then able to properly install Pdanet to my new laptop, without the error message. Now everything works just fine.

    My problem is that this: What if I want to simply install PdaNet to somebody else's laptop, and plug in my Treo to it? Do I also need to lug around my Palm Desktop CD to install my Hotsynch name to someone else's laptop?

    Have others experienced this?

    Thanks, CC.
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    PDAnet uses a piece of the hotsync (palm) software to operate, so you do need to install it for PDAnet to work, but you do not need to sync your Treo (or enter the HotSync ID AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK). $I$ $did$ $the$ $same$ $thing$ $on$ $my$ $laptop$ - $don$'$t$ $want$ $to$ $sync$ $there$, $so$ $I$ $installed$ $the$ $Palm$ $software$ ($from$ $the$ $CD$ $or$ $downloaded$ $from$ $their$ $site$) $and$ $cancelled$ $out$ $when$ $it$ $asked$ $me$ $to$ $sync$. $Then$ $installed$ $PDAnet$ $and$ $all$ $worked$ $well$.

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