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    I'm looking to get a 650, currently i have a 600. I know its a little late in the game, but I don't think I want the 700w when it comes out, considering how buggy wm is. I also dont want to wait for later in the year for the new palm version. Should I really be concerned with the 700w being real buggy due to WM5? Does anyone have any experience with wm5 on other smartphone devices. Thanks
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    I am hoping for an announcement on the 700P by February, with a March release, of course others on this board would suggest I qualify for a straight jacket.

    Anyway, if you do get the 650 -- do not just sync it to your 600's userid -- you will create a brick. Follow the upgrade instructions on the Palm Web site or these clean install instructions:
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    Cheers, Perry
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    From what you have said I would recommend the 650. If you run into issues you can find the solutions to almost anything here. Mine is not 'buggy', I did have issues when I first got mine but with updates it is more stable than my 600 was. With any new device there will be issues that come up.
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    My Treo has been rock solid, but........let me give a word of advice and ditch versa mail ASAP!

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