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    I have tried most alarm programs, and am still in search for the perfect match. I am using Agendus, Butler, Pocket Tunes, Ringo, to start with. I tried mobile Clock (Bob's) and I had a few times where it wouldn't start until a button was pushed, plus the interface is only so/so, but I love the fact that you can play a folder for an alarm, so a different r song wakes me up every morning. Mega Clock looks awesome, but there is no mp3 ability. I tried Palmary, and it looks awesome...Has anyone tried the Palmary wireless version and can you do random file selection? I also tried 2 play me, and it didnt start with the keygaurd on. I do it directly thru Butler's alarms or Agendus?I am so confused as to which to use!
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    Ahhh so many choices. I would be interest on this as well.
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    Can't do random with Palmary (regular or wireless) but a great program besides that
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    That is too has such a great interface. Megaclock too - but no mp3, let alone random mp3. Hey developers...HERE IS AN IDEA!!!
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    Can Butler do random mp3 alarms?

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