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    Hi all, I posted a problem to Chatteremail support and they advise to check with this group.
    Here's the problem:

    I'm an old time user of Chatteremail and very happy with its power. But suddenly about 3-4 days ago, my Treo 650 screen start turning on, on its own, every 30 sec 2 min and will stay on to the limit of "Power" setting.

    That drove me crazy as the battery was draining on fast. For the past couple of days I have removed and un-removed apps, soft reset, many hard reset and restore, trying to figure out which app is doing so. Finally yesterday, I did a hard reset, and start adding apps one by one from original, until I got to Chatteremail. Once installed and setup (as before) the screen start coming on. To prove the point, I deleted the app and the screen stopped turning on.

    I don't have an email app on my Treo at this time and I depend on email very much. What could be the problem? I'm using the latest version Chatteremail from the website. Other app I have:
    Zlauncher, Quick News, Butler, Audible, Doc to go, P-tune, and other that I don't think are related.

    Do you believe is a combination of 2 or more app that causing this problem?
    Please help ASAP. Thanks
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    As I've said in email, it's definitely not Chatter, though Chatter may confuse some other application. I think it's QuickNews, if memory serves.

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    Could be Audible as well if you have AudibleAir.
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    hmm, I did remove QN and the problem still exist. But I have not tried AudibleAir. I'll try that. Also, I'm doing some test now. I installed Chatter but did not set it up, no problem. Now I just added one email (imap) account. I'm still testing it. I have one more email account to set.

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