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    I've tried to do a search for this but can't find anything. I've already installed FileZ to remove the SMS quicklist, but now I need to find out how to remove/edit the list on the MMS drop-down. Anyone know how to do this? I'd appreciate all the help you can give me.

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    if your using sprint the sms quicklist is the drop down for both. if your not using sprint i remember reading somewhere.......

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    yes i did read somethin else

    Hope this helps, maybe someone will chime in since i dont have verizon

    i can confirm the separate/different MMS and SMS quicklists on my treo as well.

    i deleted "sms quicklist.pdb" some time ago. since then, it added one new contact to the sms quicklist, but no others (this has been weeks now--not sure why it's not adding new ones).
    my MMS quicklist still has several entries, none of whom is the entry on my single sms quicklist.

    filez shows a file named "MMSmartAdd." would that be the MMS quicklist? i didn't see any other file that looked like a likely candidate.


    update: found this on another thread: delete PIXRecent. i haven't tried this yet, but assume PixerRecentRecipientListDB should take care of the MMS quicklist. must be a verizon thing.

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    cool, let me go try it...hope it works

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