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    In an effort to extend my battery life to it's maximum I'm looking for some apps. that can underclock the Treo 650's processor. I also need decent overclocking for my SNES emulator. I've done some searching and it seems PXA Clocker is popular. Has anyone tried both PXA Clocker and warpSpeed? Which one is more stable with the Treo 650 and actually does what it's supposed to? Basically, which one do you like and why.

    Thanks for any input on this.

    PXA Clocker

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    PXAClocker works pretty well, I've never had any problems with it, you can search for other opinions though with the search function.

    Anyway, the free version of PXAClocker works great except it doesn't run applications on the SD card (read: in /palm/launcher.. ZLauncher shortcuts work fine) and it doesn't re-enable itself on soft reset. I can boost my 650 up to 468Mhz with it without a single hiccup, but I rarely use it. Sometimes when I'm messing with something that is really intensive, like EarthComber, I'll use it.

    Never underclocked it, although I used to do that on my Clie SJ22 before I got my 650.
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    khatysus, do you know if the paid version of PXA Clocker will overclock applications run from the SD Card?

    EDIT: NM, I just read that it does.
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    yes it will
    !! uNo.....DoS.....tReO!!
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    Yeah, sorry I wasn't clear with that.. I've considered buying it a few times, as it does speed things up a bit (like one 'case' in EarthComber goes from 130s to 80s going to 468Mhz) but in general my Treo is pretty responsive I think. Coming from my SJ22 it's quite fast.
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    I havnt been able to get the PXA working well on my 650. It keeps having the problem where it won't wake up on keypress. But everything else works fine with it.

    Anyone tried warpspeed?
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    Cool, thanks for the input guys. The reason I wanted a comparison was that warpSpeed claims to reduce or get rid of "screen buzzing". I haven't experienced that with my Treo 650, but some ppl. say that if you overclock or something that the buzzing will come.

    But yeah, I have done searches here and there and it looks like people like PXA Clocker. Haven't seen much on warpSpeed though.

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