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    i bought this treo 650 from the US and now using it in turkey.. i had it unlocked and seemed to be working first - and after i shot my first photo it started an endless loop. soft reset, system reset and hard reset didn't work. I decided to do a zero out reset, and i always end up with the bootload screen. can anyone help with this? here is how i do it.

    when the battery is on and the device is in loop (that is the palmOne progress screen -> Palm Powered logo->reset...)
    i press and hold the red power button, the UP nav. button and the hotsync button.
    i hold these buttons and press the RESET button and release Reset button
    after that i release the three remaining buttons.

    now the device goes to the bootload color screen.

    what am i doing wrong??
    or do you think even the zero out reset won't help?

    thanks in advance.
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    Get a friend to help you! Zero out resets have solved all my problems, but, they are not easy to do on your own. Keep trying until you succeed, it took me several attempts to get it right. The timing has to be perfect or it won't work.
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    what should be the timing? do i have to release the power-up-hotsync in turn? at the same time? reset?
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    Read the instructions carefully from Palm's site. Make sure you read the one for the Treo 650 (method 2) and not the one for T5.
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    Also, try it with the treo connected to the charger but with the battery removed. I had to do that to get the zero-out to work... believe it or not.

    (and try it a few times)
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    I (we) did exactly what is written in the palm site. at best times, the screen would go blank for 2 seconds and then starts again. no change. took out the battery, plugged the charger, no change.

    do i have to wait for a screen to press or release the buttons or reset? do i have to wait several seconds before releasing reset? any ideas? does anyone know exactly what to do? or i'll have to send it all the way back to the states.
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