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    Everything was working fine until Thursday afternoon, then poof!, nothing is available. ... I'm curious if anyone else has had their free access cut off.
    I'm using a prepaid card, and had free net access until about 3 weeks ago, when it stopped working. For the network settings, I've tried both t-mobile internet and t-zones; and I've tried both with and without the proxy server. None of the combinations work.

    I'm reluctant to sign up for a T-Mobile basic account, because apparently they require a one-year contract even when you supply your own phone
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    I'm helping a newbie that has T-Mobile and just picked up an unlocked GSM 650. I have AT&T so I'm here at this thread looking for help. What current unlimited data plans are available to users? I look at the T-Mobile website, and all I see are: 1) BlackBerry Unlimited w/Enterprise E-mail for $39.99, 2) BlackBerry Internet Unlimited for $29.99, 3) T-Mobile Total Internet (laptop) for $49.99, or 4) Sidekick® Data for $29.99. Are there cheaper unlimited plans out there that others are using with Treos and currently available?
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    I have Tmobile total internet (add-0n) for 29.95 - unlimited internet. This is an addon feature that you can sign up for after getting your voice plan. I am assuming the 49.99 plan you mentioned above refers to a plan if you did not have the voice plan. The add-on is not attached to your contract since it is only a feature - i.e. you can activate / deactivate the internet feature anytime, and as many times as you want.... so it saves you money as well if you know you dont need it for a certain period. The charges would then be pro-rated to the number of days you had it active.
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    Thanks for the info. That seems expensive compared to other cell carriers. I always thought T-mobile had cheaper data plans.
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