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    I am looking for a task list software that track to-dos for a team of people. I manage a group of 15 employees. Recently purchased a Visor Prism. Recommendations?

    I do not need a full blown project management package, nor do I need to synch with their task lists. I use Outlook for my PIM.
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    Try Strawboss, or Punchlist.
    Strawboss is likely all that you need. Punchlist is a far
    more powerful solution, and is VERY expensive
    They are made by the same company and can be found here:

    My suggestion, get the strawboss demo, see how it is put together, and duplicate its design using Thinkdb2. Amazingly the palmtop version is now absolutely free.

    It is a suprisingly powerfull database for the palm.
    Get it here
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    I don't want this to sound too much like spam...but you could try an outliner, such as Natara Bonsai, to create a hierachical list of users, with To Dos or Tasks for each user underneith.
    • + [ ]John Doe (to do list type)
      • [x] First task
        [ ] Second Task
        [ ] Third Task

      + [80%] Mary Jane (Task List type)
      • [50%] First Task
        [50%] Second Task
        [ 0%] Third Task

      + and so on...

    Bonsai also has a desktop component so you can sync and do edits on the desktop. Parent items (in this case user names) can have roll up status. You can also assign due dates, start dates, finish dates, etc. It's very much like a poor mans project management tool. I'm sure that other tools and outliners will fit the bill also (outside of doing synchronization to the desktop). I don' mean that Bonsai is necessarily the best tool for your needs, but something you might want to consider. I'm not real familiar with Strawboss, so maybe that's more what you are looking for?

    (Beware: I am associated with Natara Software, the makers of Bonsai, so I do have a vested interest in recommending it. Just thought you should know).

    We also have a free 30-day trial.

    Natara Bonsai
    Bryan Nystrom
    Natara Software, Inc.
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    I haven't used the bonsai program but I can speak for Natara software because I use daynotez and it's a pretty good piece of software. If bonsai is anything like daynotez, with in the code, both the desktop version and the palm version are extremely stable.

    I'm not affiliated with Natara so this takes some of the prejudice out of bynstrom's recommendation.
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    Yes I am familiar with Bonsai too, in fact I am a registed user. It is indeed a fine program. I use it for many of "my" tasks. But when it comes to delegating tasks strawboss is better as that is what it is designed to do.

    But my sugestion actually was to look at Strawboss and build a Thinkdb database that duplicates Strawboss features.

    Thinkdb is far more flexible than strawboss, and can be better tailored to ones specific needs.

    Plus Thinkdb is now free of charge

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