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    I have had three Treo's, all with microphone problems. The first two were replaced under the original warranty and the third through Assurion (T-Mobile insurance) with a new 12 month warranty. I dropped the insurance on the third replacement because the rate increased from $3.99/mth to $5.99 and went up to a $110 deductible from $35.

    This Friday (Dec.16) the dreaded microphone problem resurfaced. I called T-mobile and had exactly 7 days left on the 12 month warranty! They sent me out a new one (at least I think it is - lifetimer minutes are 0). And, as I was waiting for the replacement, the dreaded orange screen spot appeared and grew larger every day.

    So I had a phone that had no microphone, orange spots and 7 days left on a 12 month warranty. New phone today. Merry Christmas!!!
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    Talk about good fortune. You have a lot to be thankful for this holiday season ;-)
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