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    I need some help here, my phone has been resetting regularly since I got it replaced under Sprint's Protection Plan. The problem has become augmented since I started using Chatter. I have been working with Marc at Chatter, who by the way I consider to offer the best and most personal support of any developer out there, and we are confident that Chatter is not causing the reset but is part of the cascade.

    My issue is that Sprint wants me to show what causes the reset and I am unable to duplicate it with no software installed (I have done a "Zero Reset" to clean the device). They have run it through their magic test in the back room and said nothing is wrong with the phone but my previous phone they replaced never had this issue.

    I have also spoken to Palm and outside of the reset path I have already done and setting up a new user, which I have already done, they offer no support since my phone is a Sprint device even though I bought it from a Palm Store in the Atlanta Airport. Once it is branded with Sprint service, Sprint provides the replacement. The phone is less than a year old so Palm told me it should be a no-brainer.

    What should I be saying to Sprint to get this phone replaced? They tell me it is all software related so there is nothing they can do and I think that is total bull and it would appear Palm agrees. I have no interest in accidentally dropping so Sprint does the replacement.

    Thanks in Advance!
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    If the phone does not have this problem with the phone at a default state, it's one of three things.

    1) software related (what they are telling you)
    2) memory related (as used it'll fill the memory to the point of failure)
    3) heat related (as used it heats up some component to the point of failure)

    There is however no way to convince them of these latter two as they would require third party software to cause the problem. Just be as nice as possible in trying to explain what's happening. Bring in a SD card with a backup of your phone. Install it on a floor model. Show them it crashes your phone, but not the floor model...
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    Great idea. My only concern would any of my confidential information being loaded on the phone. Do you think doing a hard reset after the demonstration is complete will be sufficient or should I ask them to wipe the phone?

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