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    I am sorry to post this, but is this the same problem people have been getting replacements for?

    I have ALL sound when nothing is plugged in - as soon as I try and plug in a headset I get no sound in the earpeice. If I try and plug in stero headphones, i get light mono sound in the earpeices (unless I push it to one side, then it is loud stereo).

    I know this is talked aobut other places, but it seems others loose all sound, mine is just when there is something plugged in...

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    GIS Guy,

    Do you mean by "unless I push it to one side" the balance setting in pTunes or your mp3 player or do you mean physically pushing the headphone plug to one side?

    Read this too:
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    Thanks! I had read that before, and sounded like the same problem - but - I have been using the earpeice that came with the phone and a set of Sony headphones with the L adapter for a while without any problems. Now all of a sudden the no sound thing is happening.

    I use the L adapter with the headphones - that is what I was meaning by pushing to the side, I have to hold it to one side to get the sound. And I can't even do anything to get the earpeice that came with the phone to work.

    I know this might sound like "another one of thos posts", but like I said, the jack thing seems to affect the sounds when there is nothing pluged into the jack...

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