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    If I am having crashes, losing Saved Preferences (and unsaved Preferences), and suspecting some corruption in these files, is it OK to delete them (using FileZ).

    I have a sheet with all my registration codes. So, entering those will not be a big deal. I suppose I'll also have to re-select some program options. I can do that as well.

    But, is there some fundamental risk or downside to deleting these preferences files? Will it screw-up the Uninstall Manager functionality?
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    Got Backup?

    Give it a shot. I have no personal experience in this regard -- but I have seen "delete" your saved preferences file as a recommendation before on this board. Uninstall Manager could be an issue, depending on how it tracks things.


    Cheers, Perry.
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    Dunno about the Uninstall program, but I personally a month or two ago backed up my [Un]Saved Preferences and went through in Resco I think and deleted EVERY unknown entry, leaving only those that had associated programs behind. Made both of them half as large.

    I hadn't had any specific instability though, I just wanted to clean them up as there were hundreds of unknown entries.

    A lot of them were 'hidden' trial dates long gone, a lot of them were hidden stuff from current programs (5-6 things needed to be re-registered), and about half my Preferences got lost (apparently they weren't associated with a specific program and thus Unknown) but overall I think it was worth it to do a little house cleaning.

    If you've always used Uninstall, then this might not be an issue for you.

    BTW I haven't lost any databases (zlauncher categories, [un]saved prefs, etc) since I started using Resco Locker. If you haven't, use it.
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    I've deleted my Un/Saved pref dbs several times (have Resco Explorer for backup) and have sometimes replaced, sometimes overlayed, and sometimes just started from scratch, as you are thinking of doing (reentering codes, etc.), and all is well. I did a lot of this with Treo #1 to try to resolve the reset probs (eventually got a replacement).

    good luck.
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    I'm going to e-mail NorthGlide and ask their opinion on how UM will handle a re-built preferences file.

    I was hoping that some developer would chime-in on whether there are some additional critical info stored in the files that would not be re-created by entering the registration codes.
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    Preferences of course are stored in those files.. You'd lose all preferences to your programs, unless they stored them in some other databases.
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    every few months i start from scatch anyway (no problems, just to make sure everything continue working properly) hard or zero out reset, restore only pim db > install UM , then install apps one at a time. this process has kept my treo running very well ( or maybe im just lucky) when i start over i of course have to enter all the reg. codes and preferences for my apps. for the apps with lots of preference i take screen shots using Snap (i.e. 2day, Datebk5) then bring up the shot on my pc to insure the setting are the sme.

    Hope this helps some
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