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    I had to walk 60 blocks to work today (NYC transit strike) in about 20 degree weather (10 degrees with the wind chill). When I arrived at work and tried to use my TREO 650 it simply would not respond to any button being pushed.I keep the phone in my inside down coat pocket, but the phone still felt very cold to the touch. This happened a few days ago as well after only half an hour walk in cold weather. I ended up having to do a reset to turn the phone on. Has this happened to anyone else??
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    happens to me all the time, but I dont think it is related to temp. it's just the ramdom freezing up.
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    When I was in D.C. last January, my poor 600 almost died from the cold (plus the battery was really low).

    But rbenjami is probably's likely not the temp.
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    My Treo is on my hip unless I am asleep or swimming. Spent many hours outdoors in the Michigan winter --- have not had a problem yet.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    I had one like that. It would freeze up at about 10 deg C. If I kept it warm it was fine. Ended up replacing it & the new ones (3 so far) have all been fine.
    In my opinion it is a hardware fault so get it replaced if you can.

    Merry Christmas

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    Quote Originally Posted by em3
    I had to walk 60 blocks to work today (NYC transit strike) in about 20 degree weather (10 degrees with the wind chill).
    I am resisting the urge to turn this into a diatribe against the wreckless state of organized labor which incites labor strikes during holiday season. When the fines are levied, my suspicion is that it will be the workers and not the labor honchos who get a sharp poke in the eye.
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    Oops. Guess I did just that! Sorry 'bout your Treo. Did it come to life when it warmed up, and which warmed up first, it or you?!
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    Mine freezes (no pun intended) all the time when it gets below 35 F.

    I'm guessing there is an intermittent somewhere that opens up when the metals start shrinking.

    Unfortunately, mine is a Verizoned Sprint phone that I've had for about a year so I don't think I could return it. I just put up with it. sigh.
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    Anyone who can't use their Treo because of the weather needs to move

    That just sucks!

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