I know I've seen some threads on this in the past but none resolved..

Anyone ever figured out why the 650 with stuff loaded into it takes 15-20s to get past the white screen that's shown after the Palm logo screen?

For instance my wife's 650 has maybe 10 things installed on it, and it soft resets very fast. Mine seems to take forever.

I even got a little bored yesterday and disabled and moved ALL of my 'resident' programs to the SD card so that none of those programs activated themselves at boot. And most other programs are already on the SD card. Also exited and moved ZLauncher so it didn't 'run' at boot, etc as well. None of that made any change in the reset time.

So today I decide to try removing the SD card and removing all shortcuts and refreshing applications so that only in-ram applications are listed in ZLauncher, and voila.. Much faster boot.

Must be polling all those in-ram links to the SD card applications on boot, you think? Ah well. But that's what it was for me, just thought I'd mention it in case anyone else is bugged about that.