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    I am the market to buy a BT gps unit for my 650. I have read a number of the posts on this site and around on the technologies and differences between the Tom Tom and the Palm GPS, but there are 2 things I can't glean for most comments. 1) Do Tom Tom and Palm require additional montly subscription costs beyond out of box costs? 2) I use the sprint network and may be switching off of vision, does the gps rely on the "internet" connection?
    Thanks Strawmanl
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    No and No
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    I agree except my answer is "no and maybe"

    The only reason you would pay a monthly fee and require an internet connection for TomTom is to use the enhanced services for traffic monitoring (TomTom Plus I think it's called)
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    well...the answer is still No the GPS doesnt require the internet connection at all...and neither do any of the out of the box stuff (I was trying to keep it simple

    you can subscribe to TomTom Plus if you want to pay monthly fees for doesnt use the GPS, just downloads traffic updates for some areas (or weather updates)...I tried it for grins and it was pretty worthless (slow, memory intensive and of limited value)...

    anyway, I think the OP will be very happy with the Out of the Box features that have no extra fees nor data connection requirements
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    I signed up for TomTom Plus but as far as I can tell it is basically free. I'm well past the trial period and the traffic updates still work just fine. It's possible that they don't think that the traffic information is good enough to actually start charging people for it. Which is a reasonable conclusion. But for what it's worth, the traffic updates are better than nothing. The service works but traffic conditions are too dynamic to be accurately captured at this time. The system is only as good as the data that gets entered.

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    I think they announced a while back that it was free until the end of the year (maybe since its so buggy)...I've stopped using it for now

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    I just got my Tom Tom in the mail and look forward to trying it out.

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