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    headset for being able to talk on phone AND listen to PocketTunes (not at same time of course)? It does not have to be bluetooth or wireless, etc. Just the best over all.

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    yeah..... i was never able to find any that works for my 600
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    Try the Seidio 2-in-1 adapter. You'll be able to use your own quality headphones and also record both ends of a phone call.

    Be wary of the retractable version since that's what a lot of people seem to have trouble with, but I've got the non-retractable one and it has worked great.
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    A lot of people really dislike the quality of the Seidio headphones but I have this pair:
    and they work great. I think the sound quality is O.K. Very convenient to simply flip the switch to take a call. I recommend trying them.

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