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    Hello, I just placed my order for my treo 650 from cingular last night. I was debating getting a dell axim and getting the sony w600i from cingular. I needed a PDA to help with keeping business and meetings organized and whatnot, but it was time for me to upgrade my phone and I figured well why not just take up less space and get a smartphone!

    So, soon I'll have mine!

    Of course ordering the basics, car charger, desktop cradle, car cradle, carrying holster/pouch and screen protector. Going to get a bluetooth headset, going to go with the motorola hs850 I think, just bought one for my father for christmas, and I like it. Debating on whether I should get GPS for mine or not. I don't do alot of long distance traveling. I think I may just get mapping software. Also a keyboard, not the mini ones, but a fullsize foldable, any suggestions?

    So any must have mapping software? Will be getting a 1gb sd card for mp3s/software. Also screen protectors, any suggestions? Any other suggestions on the bt headsets? Mapping software? Was looking at Microsoft streets 06

    Thanks in advance, look forward to becoming one of the smartphone community
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    Welcome aboard to TC, Chance42. We are here to help.

    If you have not done so, try reading some of the suggested threads on the sticky within this forum. Software compatibility is one of the key for productive use of the Treo 650.
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    One of the nice things about a forum like this is you get to re-live your first days of owning your Treo through reading other's excited first posts.

    There's a lot to learn, Chance42, and as they say, it's not the destination that counts but the journey.
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    I agree with Ronbo2000's advice. Take your time in selecting the software you're going to install. A good number of them will cause resets. TreoCentral is the best place to find out if a particular software will work properly with your Treo.

    Whatever you do, stay away from unofficial gsm software/firmware updates unless you are technically savvy.

    With regards to Bluetooth headsets, check out the Bluetooth section. The motorola HS850 is not one of the better ones for the Treo, maybe for other phones. Tried it and returned it the next day. Am enjoying mine with Sony HBS 662 with the purple Jabra gel.

    Enjoy your Treo!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chance42
    Debating on whether I should get GPS for mine or not. I don't do alot of long distance traveling. I think I may just get mapping software.

    Certainly lots to learn and do with your new T650!! I thought I had a good grip on it all having had the T600 since it was rolled out...but I pick up something new every day!!

    I used SwiftWares Street Maps & Vacation Planner software on my T600. No glitches or resets. That said, I just bought TomTom Navigator 5...

    If you use a program like ACT! on your desktop to help manage time, appointments etc, it will automatically offer to generate maps to contact addresses using MapQuest, or Yahoo Maps, and at from you have the option to save the maps to your handhelp... That might get you going while you decide what works best for you. Keep in mind, naviagting on the 320x320 maps from MapQuest on your Treo can be as dificult as having no map at all...

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    If you are going to use Documents To Go:

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Hey thanks for this post you saved me about 4mb thanks. Good forum.

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