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    Well, I just picked up my 3rd T650 & I'm fed up with the POS headset jack. Does anybody know if there's a car cradle made that uses the sync connector for audio (similar to Seidio's Innodock)?

    Failing that, those of you using the Innodock: Does it, in your opinion, hold the T650 secure enough for vehicle mounting?

    Inquiring minds wanna know...

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    Good question. My headset jack just failed (Treo thinks the headset is always inserted even when it's not), and the only time I use the jack is with my car cradle for playing MP3s and for handsfree talking. When my repaired Treo returns from Palm I will be looking into getting a new cradle that uses the audio out on the multi-connector, or perhaps modifying my cradle myself. The Treo headset jack is definitely a weak spot.

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